Exploring Waterfall Canyoning in Bosnia

Bosnia is a land of magnificent stony mountains and sparkling blue rivers. She is  a perfect destination for waterfall canyoning enthusiasts. Each year, many tourists flock to this country to experience the thrill of canyoning, among other activities.

Embarking on a adventure through the magnificent canyons of Bosnia is an experience like no other – unearth picturesque rivers, majestic waterfalls, secluded villages and intriguing gorges for an exploration-filled journey like none other.

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Bosnia is a haven for adrenaline junkies with its abundance of thrilling activities. This article takes you on a journey through one of them: waterfall canyoning. You’ll be walking, climbing, scrambling, jumping, swimming and abseiling your way through the rough terrain of canyons in an exciting adventure!

Waterfal canyoning


Canyoning Waterfall in Bosnia

The best spots of waterfall canyoning in Bosnia are as follows:

1. Canyon Hrcavka – best place for waterfall canyoning

If you are looking for an amazing canyoning experience, Canyon Hrcavka is a must visit! Nestled in the National Park Sutjeska near Tjentiste, this canyon is renowned as the last conquered canyon of Bosnia and Herzegovina.. The Hrcavka River begins its journey at the magnificent Zelengora mountain and snakes through a stunning canyon, dotted with several perfect spots for adventure-seekers who are passionate about canyoning.

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, then look no further – the canyon has it all. From climbing over waterfalls with ropes to jumping and sliding into natural pools, it’s the perfect playground for those who want to truly test themselves.

Hrcavka is the go-to place for waterfall canyoning enthusiasts, and with good reason. The spectacular natural beauty combined with the thrill of canyoning makes for an exhilarating experience that will stay in your memories forever.

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2. Skakavac Waterfall in Perućica

Skakavac Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder located within the Perucica forest reserve in the Sutjeska National Park of Bosnia. Standing at an impressive height of 75m, it is widely regarded as one of the highest waterfalls in the country, making it an enticing destination for adventure seekers looking to experience the rush of canyoning.

Surrounded by magnificent beech and spruce forests, the Skakavac Waterfall is a sight to behold. The mountain stream that forms the waterfall cuts through these forests, weaving its way between steep rocks before plummeting down to create a breathtaking cascade. The stream is also responsible for the creation of a striking limestone precipice at the source of the River Sutjeska. The awe-inspiring natural beauty of this place is sure to leave visitors in awe.


3. Kravica Waterfalls

Kravica waterfall is a breathtaking natural wonder situated just a short drive from Mostar, a few kilometers south of Ljubuski. This stunning attraction is often mistakenly referred to as “Kravice” and is formed by the River Trebižat. At approximately 25m high, the waterfall is truly impressive, and at the base lies a beautiful lake with a diameter of almost 120m.

Visitors can enjoy not only the thrill of canyoning but also relax by bathing or having a picnic in this picturesque setting. Thanks to the warm climate, Kravica waterfall is an excellent destination for tourists all year round. Additionally, the area is home to several high-quality restaurants serving delicious local cuisine and refreshing beverages.


4. Strbacki buk

Nestled in the northwestern part of Bosnia, Strbacki buk is a stunning waterfall that derives its source from the River Una, serving as a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia. In addition to the thrill of canyoning, visitors can explore the Una National Park, renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery. The park was established on May 29th, 2008, and has since been made accessible to the public through wooden paths, viewpoints, and platforms. During the summer season, visitors can also enjoy delectable cocktails from the garden bars run by prominent businessmen in Bosnia.

strbacki buk bosnia

5. Martin Brod Waterfalls

Martin Brod is a picturesque village located at the confluence of two stunning canyons of Rivers Una and Unac, within the breathtaking Una National Park. This area is renowned for its spectacular waterfalls, which are around 60m in height, making it a perfect spot for canyoning enthusiasts.

Legend has it that Martin Brod was named after a young girl named Marta, who crossed the river in search of her lover, a soldier. Unfortunately, she was swept away by the strong currents of the river. The term “brod” is used in the local language to refer to anything used for crossing rivers.

While exploring this area, do not miss the opportunity to taste the mouth-watering trout and the authentic cornel brandy served at Motel UNA-C.

martin brod

6. Pliva Waterfalls

Located in the medieval town of Jajce, the Pliva Waterfalls are a breathtaking natural wonder that continues to captivate visitors from all over the world. Known as one of the most famous waterfalls on the planet, the falls originate from the River Pliva and cascade down into the River Vrbas, forming two stunning lakes upstream, the Small and Large Pliva Lakes.

While the highest point of the falls currently stands at 22m, measures have been taken to prevent a supporting rock from sudden breakdown, ensuring visitors can continue to marvel at this stunning spectacle for years to come. To truly appreciate the beauty of the Pliva Waterfalls and their surroundings, plan to spend at least one day here, immersing yourself in the natural splendor of this remarkable place.

pliva waterfall

6. Kozice Waterfalls

With breathtaking views of the town of Fojnica just 11 kilometers away, Kozice Waterfalls may not be very well-known but should not be overlooked. An ideal spot for canyoning, this waterfall is sure to thrill you with its powerful rapids!

Just one kilometer away from Kozice likes an ancient Bosnian village. The people here live simply and are yet not influenced by the shenanigans of the modern world.

Kozica watrefalls

Canyoning for beginners

Individuals who are waterfall canyoning for the first time must implement the below-mentioned tips.

1. Stay organized for a hassle-free start and move swiftly so that you have ample time to maneuver the ropes and relish the steps involved.

2. Don’t be in a rush when it comes to canyoning. Taking your time to complete each stage is key for success – so move at your own pace & take time to get things right.

3. Following your Outdoor Tara guide’s instructions is a must! These individuals are experts in their fields and have the knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

4. Carry along snacks that contribute to your stamina. Canyoning tends to exhaust the body.

5. Finally, yet importantly, remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so have as much fun as you can.

Canyoning Waterfall – Life is Adventurous

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Canyon Hrcavka has long been a hidden gem of Europe and is now being discovered by more and more people. It is said to be the prime destination for canyoning enthusiasts in Bosnia. The beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking views make it even more attractive!

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Canyoning FAQ

What Is Canyoning?”

Canyoning isn’t just about abseiling down waterfalls – it’s all about working out how to descend a canyon. It can involve rappelling, scrambling, climbing, jumping and swimming – initiatives that require creativity and determination.

What is waterfall rappelling

Waterfall rappelling aka canyoning is one of the most cherished adventure sports in the world. It’s an exciting & thrilling experience that involves putting on a harness and rappelling down a waterfall – creating long-lasting memories.